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Ryota Mitsugi – President and COO

Mr. Mitsugi assists his clients maintain their competitive advantage by developing tailored business solutions to fit their needs. His work includes designing and implementing customized HR projects including Goal Setting, Performance Appraisals, and Compensation Strategies. From his own experience living in the U.S. during his childhood, he understands the differences between Japanese and American culture, and excels at working with clients to promote effective communication both internally and externally.

Before returning to the United States in 2006, Mr. Mitsugi was responsible for establishing various new services, as well as developing new businesses for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), the biggest IT company in Japan and one of the Fortune 100 companies in the world. While at NTT, Mr. Mitsugi participated in establishing a subsidiary where he handled organizational HR ?in addition to sales and marketing and new service development. Mr. Mitsugi achieved the highest promotion among employees with the same tenure, and was involved in hiring new employees, and training and managing his subordinates from early in his career.

Mr. Mitsugi holds a BA in Law from Gakushuin University in Japan. After coming back to the U.S. and before joining HRM Partners, Mr. Mitsugi worked at a Management Consulting Firm based in New York as a Regional Manager/Project Manager.

Munero Ueda – Vice President and Partner

Mr. Ueda provides business development and is a human resources consulting staff for HR Advisor’s Japanese clients. He has an extensive background in sales and marketing as well as human resources related issues such as labor laws, hiring and termination; salary and benefits structure; and workers compensation to name a few.

Prior to joining HRM Partners, he was with Pasona Pacific, Inc. in Torrance, California for 10 years; he oversaw the operation of the permanent, temporary and administration divisions; developed new clientele targeting Japanese corporations in South Bay area; and planned and conducted various human resources related seminars and workshops for executives in Japanese. A native of Japan, Mr. Ueda received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Takushoku University, Tokyo, Japan and is fluent in Japanese.

Akira Takahashi – Vice President and Partner / Senior Human Resources Consultant

Since joining HRM in 2003, Mr. Takahashi has provided senior level consultation in the broad area of human resources management. Mr. Takahashi’s work has included coordinating human resources function activities at client sites, developing compensation structures and performance appraisal systems, conducting seminars and training in both English and Japanese for employees and managers, and providing management consultation in both English and Japanese.

Mr. Takahashi was responsible for the Company’s Northern California operation between 2006 and 2007. In 2008, Mr. Takahashi relocated to New York city and is the Vice President and Partner-in-charge for the Company’s East Coast operation.

Mr. Takahashi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from California State University, Long Beach.

Yoshiko Perry-Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

Yoshiko Perry is a senior employee benefits consultant who provides HRM Partners with specialized benefits consulting. Ms. Perry was formerly President of Cambridge Consultants and a Senior Manager for the Deloitte-Touche Actuarial Benefits and Compensation Consulting practice in Los Angeles specializing in the design, financial modeling and administration of health and retirement plans. In addition, during her tenure at Deloitte-Touche, she was a liaison for the Pacific Rim Practice in San Francisco working nationally with Japanese clients.

Prior to joining Deloitte-Touche, Ms. Perry served in a variety of roles at Maxicare Health Plans which included Assistant Vice President, Benefits Administration and Director of Operations at Maxicare Life and Health Insurance Plans and Senior Officer for the Nashville Regional Center of Maxicare Health Plans.

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