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<!–:en–>NLRB RELEASES POSTER NOTICE ON EMPLOYEE RIGHTS<!–:–><!–:ja–>ウェブサイト上に新規定のポスターを発表したNLRB<!–:–>

September 21, 2011

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has finalized its new notice, “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act” and has made it available for download from their website, at www.nlrb.gov. On that site, you can also refer to a memo that contains a series of frequently asked questions on topics such as what the notice says, where it must be posted, which employers are subject to the rule, and how the rule will be enforced.

In general, most private employers are required to post the new notice. It must be posted on bulletin boards where other government posters are placed no later than November 14, 2011.(note: as of October 2011, NLRB has postponed the effective date until January 31, 2012).  Please note that although the new poster is available for purchase by several private vendors, an employer is in full compliance by downloading and printing the poster for free from the NLRB website.

In addition, now is as good time as any to check to make sure your labor law posters are updated. Although a rare occurrence, a state or federal official can walk into your company at any time unannounced to audit your labor law postings. Not having updated labor posters can easily result in a fine.

We do advice our clients to review and update their labor law posters periodically. You can either choose to purchase the posters from a private company or download, print and post them yourself for free to save money. Overall, it’s a practical time saver to purchase the posters either annually or at least every other year. However, you do need to keep them updated. A typical problem that many companies encounter these days is they receive, on a continuous basis throughout the year, what appears to be an “official looking” poster requirement update that attempts to scare you if you don’t comply and write a check to get the update. This can cost hundreds of dollars per work site if you’re not careful to review what you’re buying. I think lots of the private poster companies think that most companies consider this issue “chump change” and will just write a check and not worry any further. However, instead of buying new posters every time a new poster is released, you are in full compliance by downloading and printing any updates and placing them nearby your older ones. 09-21-2011. HRM Partners.

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