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Online Seminar


June 6, 2011

After a break of three years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) resumed sending no-match letter to employers starting from April 6, 2011. If an employer receives a no-match letter from the SSA, they should first check their internal records to verify that the problem isn’t because of a transposing number or other clerical error. If this isn’t the case, the employer should follow up with the employee to check to make sure the information that the employee provided was accurate. The employer should ask the employee to confirm that their name and social security number were properly provided to and submitted to the employer at the time of hire and employment. If the name and number were correctly provided to the employer, the employer should advise the employee to contact the local SSA office to have the discrepancy fixed. The SSA has suggested that an employer provide an employee a “reasonable period of time” to fix the discrepancy but does not provide a definitive time period. A “safe-harbor” rule provides a 90-day time period to resolve the discrepancy. For more information, go to http://1.usa.gov/irSnnz.