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July 5, 2012

The share of full-time workers who usually telework nearly doubled during the previous decade and the practice is expected to continue to grow in the U.S. according to a Conference Board study published in late May 2012.

“While certain industries are less likely to have telework programs, it is clear that employees across industries are demanding more flexibility in their jobs,” according to researchers at the Conference Board in a report entitled, “The Incredible Disappearing Office: Making Telework Work.” Furthermore, they go on to note that companies that do not consider offering telework programs may find themselves at a disadvantage with competitors in the same industry when attracting talent.

The increase in telework reflects “the changing nature of work itself,” the researchers said. In addition, the study notes that workplace tasks now require greater knowledge, and the economy is increasingly focused in the service sector instead of manufacturing, while advanced technologies “enable seamless remote working from anywhere in the world, and different generations of employees are demanding greater flexibility in their work life.”   07.05.2012.

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