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Online Seminar


October 6, 2011

Employers should review their electronic communications policies in light of the emerging “bring your own device—or BYOD—trend,” where employees increasingly use their own smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and other mobile devices for work, attorney John J. Heitmann said at a recent conference of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Heitmann offered a series of policy tips, focusing on issues such as data security and compatibility with company systems. In addition, he suggested being clear about any limits on employees’ use of personal devices and spelling out the employer’s right to access and retrieve data, such as work-related e-mails. If disputes arise over employees’ privacy rights, the courts will look to the employer’s policies in determining the scope of those rights, Heitmann said. Emphasizing that company policies also control the scope of privacy expectations surrounding employee use of social media, Heitmann offered tips on best practices in that area as well.  10-06-2011. Bureau of National Affairs.

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