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January 25, 2012

Big news coming out of the the Walt Disney Company regarding dress code changes. The Company just announced that it has updated its famous dress code — known as the Disney Look — to allow employees to grow more facial hair. But the rules still forbid visible tattoos, body piercings (other than the ears for women), “extreme” hairstyles or colors. (Shaved heads are OK for men, but a no-go for women.)

Starting from February 3, 2012, employees can show up to work with a beard or a goatee without worry, as long as it is shorter than a quarter of an inch. Soul patches are still not allowed.

The company has enforced rules that have earned it a reputation as having one of the strictest dress codes in the corporate world. Its ban on facial hair started when Disneyland opened in 1955.

And the dress code has become part of the Disney corporate lore. In 2000, the company allowed mustaches, as long as they didn’t extend beyond the corners of the face. Until 2010, women were required to wear pantyhose with skirts and couldn’t wear sleeveless tops. Even now, straps have to be at least 3 inches wide. 02.25.2012

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