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1. U.S. Labor Practices
U.S. labor law is in a constant state of change and update. It’s not just laws and regulations that need to be understood but also important court decisions being made continuously at both state and federal levels. HRM Partners provides training to any expatriate manager just arriving into the U.S. HRM Partners can also train those who are familiar with Japanese human resources management practices for adapting company practices to meet the requirements of U.S. labor laws.

  • 2. Management & Supervisory Training
    It is the responsibility of the supervisor to manage and develop their employees. Supervisors, who understand  company policy and are able to communicate effectively with their employees to solve daily problems, are a competitive advantage to any company. Thus, it is very important for any company to invest in management training on a continuous basis. HRM Partners provides management and supervisory training that combines such subjects as labor laws and company policies with skill development that includes active listening, problem solving, delegating, giving & receiving feedback, and applying progressive discipline.
  • 3. Performance Appraisal Training
    Using fair and consistent performance appraisals is a key to having successful employees. HRM Partners can assist training the appraiser for preparing, scoring and conducting successful performance appraisals with the employees.

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